Arctic Bowl....

Arctic Bowl
Corner of Tenth and Cowles
Across from the Library
952 Tenth Ave.
Fairbanks, AK 99701

Snack Bar


Please See Home Page for The Change in Snack Bar Hours during Covid-19.

Besides our regular menu items(see below), we also offer daily specials. 
**Please call or Stop by as our specials change from day to day.

         Usually the specials consist of the following                              

                    1. Main Entrée                                                           
                                 2. Sandwich and soup or salad                   
                                               3. Soup or salad of the day         

*We have paper take-out menus available for pick-up, or by fax*
        **ALL ORDERS ARE AVAILABLE FOR TAKE OUT **                              

Fountain Soft Drinks:
Diet Coke
Dr. Pepper
Barq's Root Beer
Raspberry Iced Tea
Mountain Blast Powerade
** All can be made into a Freezies

Other Beverages:
Coffee (regular or decaf)
Hot Tea
Hot Chocolate
Bottled Water
Unsweetened Iced Tea

Vending Machines:
Bottled Coke Products
Bottled Pepsi Products,
Canned Pepsi Products
Variety of Juices
Snack Vending Machine
Variety of Energy Drinks

*Nachos w/ cheese
*Super nachos
*Jalapeno Poppers
*Cheese Sticks
*French Fries
*Kurly Fries
*Chilli Cheese *Fries(french or kurly)
*Onion Rings
*Buffalo Chips
*Large Pretzel w/ Cheese

Soups & Salads

*Chili with Cheese & Onion
*Soup of day( call to find out)

*Chef Salad
*Tuna Salad
*Popcorn Chicken
* Garden Salads

**A variety of side salads as well (potato,macaroni ect..) - varies day to day

*Bacon Hamburger
*Bacon Cheeseburger
-extra to add addition 
or French/Kurly fries

Hot/Cold Sandwiches
*Cheese steak
*Cheese steak deluxe
*Deep fried chicken
*Arctic Club Deluxe
( double decker on sourdough w/ham,turkey,bacon,lettuce & tomato) 

*Grilled cheese
*Grilled Ham or *Turkey and Cheese
*Fish Sandwich
*Cheese Sandwich 
*Ham/Turkey & cheese
*Peanut Butter & Jelly
*Tuna Sandwich

 Other Items
 *Chicken Wings
-Hot or Regular
*Chicken Strips
*Popcorn Chicken
*Popcorn Shrimp
*Clam Strips
* Corn Dogs
*Jumbo Hot Dog w/onions
*Reg Hot Dog w/ onions


*Chocolate chip & Oatmeal cookies
* Brownies with or w/out Nuts

**All Orders come with one of the appropriate sides( ketchup,ranch,salsa,marinara, dressings, ect..)
Extra sides an addition cost

Breakfast Items available daily are, eggs( any style), bacon, sausage(link or patty), hashbrowns, toast, breakfast burritos.           

This page updated 07/21/2020
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