Arctic Bowl....

Arctic Bowl
Corner of Tenth and Cowles
Across from the Library
952 Tenth Ave.
Fairbanks, AK 99701

League Information


Will update this information for Fall of 2020 Bowling Season as it becomes available. Changes may happen due to Covid-19. 

We are preparing for the Fall League Season to start in September accommodating the concerns for health and safety of Employees and Customers and social distancing in all areas.

Call Arctic Bowl at (907)456-7719 for
further information about joining leagues.

Here is a listing of Fall Leagues we have in place at this time.

There is plenty of room to add more leagues, for instance on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the 6:30 pm time. New Leagues can be Singles, Doubles, Trios or 4 person teams; with or with out alcohol service. (No alcohol service allows those not yet 21 to be on a league without needing parental consent)

Let your wishes or ideas be known to desk clerk who will pass it on to management. 

Day and Time

Sunday @ 5:30PM

 Monday @ 6:30PM

Monday @ 6:30PM

Tuesday @ 4:45PM

Tuesday @ 6:30PM

Tuesday @ 6:30PM

Tuesday @ 6:30PM

Wed @ 1:00PM

Wed @1:00 PM

Wed @ 6:30 PM

Thursday @ 4:50 PM

Thursday @ 6:30 PM

Friday @ 1:00 PM

Friday @ 6:30 PM

Friday @ 6:30 PM

Saturday @10:00Am

Sunday Night
Mixed Fours

 Monday Night Mixed Doubles

Youth Adult Dbls**

Happy Hour League

Happy Hookers

College Flats

Tuesday Mixers

 Double Trouble + One**

Snowbird League**

Arctic A's

School District League

 Women's Classic 49'ers

Rockin' & Rollin' Seniors**

 Alaska League

Women's Major A's

Youth Leagues**

Team Format

2 Men & 2 Women

2 Men & 2 Women

1 Youth & 1 Adult

Any Doubles Combo

2 Men & 2 Women

2 Men & 2 Women

Mixed Doubles team
Any doubles combo

Ladies Trios

 Mixed Singles

Men's 4 Person teams

Any Combination
Doubles Teams 

 Women's Doubles 

Any Combination
4 Person Teams
(Minimum age 50)

 Men's 4 person teams

Women's Trios

Mixed Teams(males + Females)
Any Combination 4

Needs Additional Bowlers





**These leagues have no alcohol service on lanes,due to League play time or format.

Last updated 07/21/2020
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