Arctic Bowl....

Arctic Bowl
Corner of Tenth and Cowles
Across from the Library
952 Tenth Ave.
Fairbanks, AK 99701

League Information

Call Arctic Bowl at (907)456-7719 for
further information about joining leagues.

Here is a listing of Fall Leagues we have in place at this time.

There is plenty of room to add more leagues, for instance on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the 6:30 pm time. New Leagues can be Singles, Doubles, Trios or 4 person teams; with or with out alcohol service. (No alcohol service allows those not yet 21 to be on a league without needing parental consent)

Let your wishes or ideas be known to desk clerk who will pass it on to management. 

Day and Time

Sunday @ 5:30PM

 Monday @ 6:30PM

Monday @ 6:30PM

Tuesday @10:30AM

Tuesday @ 4:45PM

Tuesday @ 6:30PM

Tuesday @ 6:30PM

Tuesday @ 6:30PM

Wed @1:00 PM

Wed @ 6:30 PM

Thursday @ 4:50 PM

Thursday @ 6:30 PM

Friday @ 1:00 PM

Friday @ 6:05 PM

Friday @ 6:20 PM

Saturday @10:00Am

Sunday Night
Mixed Fours

 Monday Night Mixed Doubles

Youth Adult Dbls**

Double Trouble + One **

Happy Hour League

Happy Hookers

College Flats

Tuesday Mixers

Snowbird League**

Arctic A's

School District League

 Women's 49'ers

Rockin' & Rollin' Seniors**

 Alaska League

Women's Major A's

Youth Leagues**

Team Format

2 Men & 2 Women

2 Men & 2 Women

1 Youth & 1 Adult

Ladies Trios Team

Any Doubles Combo

2 Men & 2 Women

2 Men & 2 Women

Mixed Doubles team
Any doubles combo

Mixed Singles

Men's 4 Person teams

Any Combination
Doubles Teams 

 Women's 4 person Team 

Any Combination
4 Person Teams
(Minimum age 50)

 Men's 5 person teams

Women's 4 person

Mixed Teams(males + Females)
Any Combination 4

Needs Additional Bowlers

Needs 3 women Bowlers, to fill spots on teams.


Need to fill 2 teams who had to leave


Have room for more bowlers

Needs 1 full team of 5 men

Needs a woman to fill team 

has room for more kids in every age bracket. Can Start anytime.

**These leagues have no alcohol service on lanes,due to League play time or format.

Last updated 01/12/2017
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